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Right now, the world is moving toward the reality and vision we discovered years ago: humanity in the workplace matters. Today’s employees expect safety, equity, privacy, and belonging – and the need to find a better way has never been more urgent. For 21 years, Workhuman® has helped leading global brands ignite their work cultures through human connection. Because of this, many have looked to us for what’s next.

And six years ago, we started Workhuman® Live – and the movement that followed – to bring more humanity to workplaces around the world. The question that arose was, how? How can individual companies and leaders contribute to shaping the global future of work? And how can they share their commitment and their efforts with the community?

Now, we’re casting a bold vision for the future of work with the Workhuman® Charter of Workplace Rights, and we’re encouraging organizations and individuals to realize that vision with Workhuman® Certified as their road map to achieve this vision and our goals of better work communities and a better society.

The Charter of Workplace Rights


The Workhuman Charter of Workplace Rights is more than a set of standards. It’s a rallying cry for all of us to create a more human workplace that springs from a global vision of equity, connectedness, and gratitude.

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I have the right to do meaningful work.

I understand the impact that my work has on others and feel a direct connection between my job and the values that are important to my organization.

I have the right to be appreciated.

I regularly experience meaningful recognition moments that make me feel valued and show me when I’ve done great work.

I have the right to work-life harmony.

I am acknowledged and celebrated as a whole human, allowing my work and personal life to work in concert.

I have the right to belong.

I am valued as my authentic self at work and I feel a sense of community with my colleagues.

I have the right to grow.

I have opportunities to learn and develop, and am given feedback and guidance that helps me see a path to my future in the organization.

I have the right to be paid fairly.

I am confident that decisions affecting my pay are unbiased and that I am paid fairly relative to my skills and experience and to similar roles both inside and outside of the company.

I have the right to privacy.

I have control over the information about me that is available to others at work, and am confident in how my personal data is used and protected.

I have the right to feel safe and respected.

I am physically and psychologically safe in my work environment – safe from harm, safe from exclusion, safe to learn, contribute, and challenge the status quo.

I have the right to work in a place that strives to protect the environment.

I am proud of the way my organization cares for our environment by taking steps to minimize our footprint and establish sustainable business practices.

Certify your promise and progress in delivering the rights to your organization.

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